StoPowerall NExT Stucco

The beauty of stucco with the protection of a superior wall cladding system

Stucco is an attractive and durable cladding system that has been used in the construction industry for over a hundred years. Traditional stucco does not provide a layer of insulation between the finish and the frame it is applied to. Optimum Building Systems uses StoPowerwell NExT, an advanced system that combines a waterproof air barrier with stucco and a textured finish. Produced regionally, in Sto's ISO certified manufacturing facilites, Sto Powerwall NExT uses the highest quality local materials under the most stringent quality control conditions.

StoPowerwall NExT stucco is available in over one million tint formulas and a variety of textures and smooth coatings, providing the architect and owner with unmatched design flexibility.