Acoustical Ceilings and walls

Beautiful acoustical ceiling

Today's acoustical ceilings are both functional and beautiful.

Acoustical ceilings have come a long way over the past 30 plus years. Materials available now include wood, fabric, metal, and fiberglass, and performance options include mold and mildew resistance, "clean room," humidity resistance, and even improving air quality. Our skilled installers can handle a client's most challenging acoustical ceiling needs.

acoustical wall panels

Acoustical wall panels increase your design options.

LIke acoustical ceilings, the variety of choices in acoustical wall panels has grown tremendously. Options include metal, wood, translucent, fiberglass, plastic, and mineral fiber. Today's wall panels can help define the aesthetics of a room in ways not imagined years ago. Optimum Building Systems works with the premier manufacturers of acoustical wall panels to offer our clients the ultimate in flexibility and design options.